Why coven?

This is an exclusive collective of magick. The weaving of yarns (in fiber or words) has always been a magickal process. We are Knit Witches and Sacred Hookers. 

Each stitch we work is an act of rebellion, an act of love and pure fucking magick. 

And yarn club sounds like something for muggles.

Why join?

Becoming a Coven member give you special access to all the yarn things I create. You get it first.

You get:

Squishy Yarn Mail!

Patterns & Pattern Support

How-Tos & Tutorials


Chance to vote on new colors and color names

Special yarn discounts


And whatever other goodies I think of along the way.

What about yarn?

You can choose a pledge level that allows you to get squishy  yarn mail!

2017 Yarn Shipping Schedule:
Billed June/Ships August
Billed August/Ships October
Billed October/Ships December

The yarn schedule will be changing in 2018.

How do you join?

I use Patreon to run the Yarn Coven. Patreon is easy to join and they give you complete control over your Yarn Coven membership.

Click the image below to learn more.



Not sure if you are ready to join the Coven? That’s cool. You can subscribe to the newsletter.  You’ll get the Mermaid’s Tale pattern for free & be kept in the loop. 

Have a question? Hit me up.