sock yarn

Wild Cat Crochet Hat Free Pattern

I finally had time to work up a crochet pattern similar to Feral Goblin Cat Hat. This Wild Cat Hat is crocheted using sock/fingering weight yarn. It fits a little snugger on me that it does on the display head. […]

Shawls are beautiful bastards.

I don’t wear shawls or anything designed to wrap around your neck and choke the life out of you, but I have a huge case of shawl envy.  They are beautiful to look at. I’ve been knitting and ripping out […]

Crochet Feral Goblin Hat in the works!

I’ve been asked for a crochet version of my Feral Goblin Cat hat. Since the Survival Gear boxes are done, I finally have time to work on it. I’m crocheting this hat in sock/fingering weight yarn. It’ll be light and […]

Yarn is flying out the door

That darker shade of purple makes me drool.  Look at how delicious it is.  I won’t play with your yarn loving heart, this yarn is already sold. It sold within like 5 minutes of being listed in the shop.  That’s […]