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Wild Cat Crochet Hat Free Pattern

I finally had time to work up a crochet pattern similar to Feral Goblin Cat Hat. This Wild Cat Hat is crocheted using sock/fingering weight yarn.

It fits a little snugger on me that it does on the display head. That head is only 19 inches.


Sock weight yarn. Takes a little over half of a  100gr skein. (60-65 grs)

3mm hook

Stitches used:

Double crochet

Half double crochet (hd)

Front post double crochet (fpdc)

Chain 110

Slip stitch to join ends being careful not to twist it.

RND 1: Chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), double crochet in each stitch to end, slip stitch to join.

RND 2-9: Chain 2 (counts as first hdc), fpdc, hdc to end, slip stitch to join.

RND 10-38: Chain 2, hdc to end, slip stitch to join. You can continue crocheting if you need on longer hat.

Slip stitch top closed. Weave in ends.

If you have any questions about this hat, pop them into the comment box.

Shawls are beautiful bastards.

I don’t wear shawls or anything designed to wrap around your neck and choke the life out of you, but I have a huge case of shawl envy.  They are beautiful to look at.

I’ve been knitting and ripping out shawls for months trying to come up with something easy, mostly mindless, but not completely boring. This is insanity.

I dyed up some practice gradients on my Charm base sock yarn. They didn’t come out well enough for me to put them in the shop, but they are perfect for me to play with. The one in the pic goes from black to purple to blue. I’ve been knitting on this shawl for over a week and have finally made it to the purple section.

I’m not doing anything fancy with this shawl, but it has been great for getting my brain to understand shawl shapes and mixing in stitches. This shawl has the perfect amount of mindlessness in the garter stitch to let my brain come up with ideas for other stitches I could work into it. It’s also helping with my fiction writing. Bonus!

This shawl has a small lace edging and tons of garter stitch. The pattern is easy to follow if you’ve never knit a shawl before. I’m calling it This Fucking Shawl or TFS.

The pattern, whenever I get it done, will be available to Yarn Coven members & then here & on Ravelry.

I do have plans for creating gradient yarns for the shop. Right now, I’m fresh out of yarns to dye! It’s really frakking sad.

But, I’ve been in contact with a new yarn supplier. They offer organic yarns process here in the states. Which I find pretty awesome. The downside it their minimum wholesale order amount is huge. At least for me. That means I’ll need to run another Kickstarter to be able to get any of their yarn.

Keep your eyes peeled for that. It’ll be the biggest Kickstarter I’ve ever done. It’s a little scary and stressful to think about, but one of the things I wanted to do with this biz is to work toward supporting local & US businesses.

I haven’t got the full plan for the Kickstarter worked out yet, but I will soon. I’m going to try and work it out so that yarns, if it hits the funding goal, start shipping in the fall. I probably will be launching it some time next month.

I’ll need more time for getting the yarn dyed and shipped out, because I’ll also have to wait for the supplier to process the fiber into yarn.

This will be the biggest thing I’ve done since starting this biz. I think I’m ready for it. My kitchen might not be, but I am. lol.

Crochet Feral Goblin Hat in the works!

Working on the request for a crochet version of the Feral Goblin Cat hat pattern. #crochet #wip #crochetersofinstagram

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I’ve been asked for a crochet version of my Feral Goblin Cat hat. Since the Survival Gear boxes are done, I finally have time to work on it.

I’m crocheting this hat in sock/fingering weight yarn. It’ll be light and better suited for Spring/Summer weather. I’m less than half way done. I should have the pattern ready sometime in May.

Also coming in May is the chance to order Summer Survival Gear boxes! I’ll be announcing the dates for that here and on all my social media.

What do you have planned for your summer knitting or crocheting?

While everyone else was at Rhinebeck, I dyed this yarn.

Linger hand dyed yarn

It’s so damned sexy, isn’t it?   This is colorway Linger .  I’ve got one skein of sock yarn listed in the Etsy Shop.  Every time I look at it, I like my lips and remember the taste of wine and deep kisses.   I’m going to dye more of this colorway as soon as I can.

My instagram is full of  pics from Rhinebeck. I’m a bit jealous. I’ve never been to any sort of fiber festival thing.  Hopefully I’ll get to go to one at some point.

What was I doing while all the cool kids were at Rhinebeck? Dyeing and shipping yarn.  About 17 of my Kickstarter backers have gotten their yarn and I’ve got about 20 to ship out.  I need to dye about 14 more skeins of yarn before I hall all the Kickstarter yarn done. They I’ll really be able to focus on yarns for the shop.

I really want to be dyeing some nice black, dark, haunting yarns.  I’ve also been thinking about what kind of sample items I can whip up so you can see what the yarns looks like when worked up.

Are there things you’d like to see me knit or crochet?

Yarn is flying out the door

lavender purple sock yarn

That darker shade of purple makes me drool.  Look at how delicious it is.  I won’t play with your yarn loving heart, this yarn is already sold. It sold within like 5 minutes of being listed in the shop.  That’s how fucking awesome it is.

At this moment I have no idea if I’ll be able to repeat it.  The light lavernder-ish  shade is from left over dye, so I might not ever get it again.  The darker shade I can do again and I’m going to be dyeing up some more sock yarn with it.

Gray Lady Yarn

This yarn is Gray Lady.  It is inspired by all The Gray Ladies that haunt the earth.  It is shades of gray with red blood splatter.

Picture shows Gray Lady on the Wicked Worsted  100% Merino SW base.  To see the Etsy listing Click Here.