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What’s on the needles? Sun Kissed Shawl

Sometimes knitting math and coming up with design ideas can break your brain. I’ve been giving my brain a rest by knitting someone else’s pattern.

I’m working on a Sun Kissed shawl from YOTH Yarns. (Pattern Here.) It starts out fairly simple, carrying the yarn up the side for the stripes. Which I like because I hate cutting yarns.

I don’t normally work on shawls. I don’t wear shawls. At the same time, I’ve had this overwhelming urge to design and knit one anyway. It’s weird.

Not being a shawl person, I was having a hard time wrapping my brain around the math and shit.

I’m really enjoying working on this Sun Kissed shawl. It’s the perfect mix of I can watch TV & I won’t get totally bored.

In other news, I’m getting ready to ship out the yarn for Yarn Coven. Yarn Coven is my yarn club hosted on Patreon. I’m really excited to get these yarns out. They are getting a yarn base that I haven’t offered before. I can’t share anymore about it because spoilers. ¬†You can find Yarn Coven here.

What are you working on?

New colorway! Sally Sparrow’s Lement! Plus a Kickstarter launch!!!!!!!!


Just picture Sally Sparrow, her companion and the TARDIS being surrounded by Weeping Angels.  Gives me the chills.

This yarn is a combo of TARDIS inspired blue, creepy Weeping Angel-ish gray, mossy green and touches of time travel. (Ok, it’s really mahogany. )

It’s fucking hot right? Sadly this skein is already off to a new home, but you can custom order it! Click Here.


Yes, I did say Kickstarter launch.

“But Delisa, you just did that shit.” You say.

I did last year. Seriously can you believe it’s be an entire fucking year? I can’t.

This Kickstarter is different than the last one. I swear.

I’m only asking for $500. I’m going to use the money to add a new yarn line to the shop.

Super Bulky Yarn!

I love working with thicker yarns. They whip up so fast and squishy.

I know many people love working with sock weight yarn and making socks and shawls and shit, but that isn’t really my bag.

You can read all about the Kickstarter by clicking here.

I’d totally love it if you would share it all over all your things. Just spread it everywhere.