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Shawls are beautiful bastards.

I don’t wear shawls or anything designed to wrap around your neck and choke the life out of you, but I have a huge case of shawl envy.  They are beautiful to look at.

I’ve been knitting and ripping out shawls for months trying to come up with something easy, mostly mindless, but not completely boring. This is insanity.

I dyed up some practice gradients on my Charm base sock yarn. They didn’t come out well enough for me to put them in the shop, but they are perfect for me to play with. The one in the pic goes from black to purple to blue. I’ve been knitting on this shawl for over a week and have finally made it to the purple section.

I’m not doing anything fancy with this shawl, but it has been great for getting my brain to understand shawl shapes and mixing in stitches. This shawl has the perfect amount of mindlessness in the garter stitch to let my brain come up with ideas for other stitches I could work into it. It’s also helping with my fiction writing. Bonus!

This shawl has a small lace edging and tons of garter stitch. The pattern is easy to follow if you’ve never knit a shawl before. I’m calling it This Fucking Shawl or TFS.

The pattern, whenever I get it done, will be available to Yarn Coven members & then here & on Ravelry.

I do have plans for creating gradient yarns for the shop. Right now, I’m fresh out of yarns to dye! It’s really frakking sad.

But, I’ve been in contact with a new yarn supplier. They offer organic yarns process here in the states. Which I find pretty awesome. The downside it their minimum wholesale order amount is huge. At least for me. That means I’ll need to run another Kickstarter to be able to get any of their yarn.

Keep your eyes peeled for that. It’ll be the biggest Kickstarter I’ve ever done. It’s a little scary and stressful to think about, but one of the things I wanted to do with this biz is to work toward supporting local & US businesses.

I haven’t got the full plan for the Kickstarter worked out yet, but I will soon. I’m going to try and work it out so that yarns, if it hits the funding goal, start shipping in the fall. I probably will be launching it some time next month.

I’ll need more time for getting the yarn dyed and shipped out, because I’ll also have to wait for the supplier to process the fiber into yarn.

This will be the biggest thing I’ve done since starting this biz. I think I’m ready for it. My kitchen might not be, but I am. lol.

The Cowl of Doom! Available for custom orders!

bulkycowl1I had such a hard time with the cowls for the Kickstarter people.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but when I made that, I hated it. I didn’t like the way it looked or fit.

So I changed my idea. I went back to what I love doing, which is simple patterns with awesome yarn. Of course my yarn is awesome.

This finished cowl is awesome. (If I keep saying awesome, will Dean Winchester appear?)  

It is so heavy and warm it is like wrapping a blanket around your head. A person could have heat stroke in a snow storm wearing this things. Or at least I could. I overheat easily.

This cowl is inspired by the cowl Claire wears in the Outlander series.

bulkycowl2Now that this one is finished I have one more to make in red, then I’ll be done creating all the things for the Monster Mayhem Kickstarter.

It has taken me a little longer than I planned, but I’m not too far behind and things are ready to start shipping.


I’m so excited to have the Kickstarter stuff totally done. I’ve got to plan what I’m going to do next.




I will be making this cowl available for custom order.

Custom order price: $300 includes shipping in US. International shipping will cost extra.



Children of the Night (black)

Exsanguinate (bloody red)

Lycan (gray)

You can choose one of my other colorways, but it will cost an extra $30.

Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks. Dye the yarn. Knit the Cowl. Ship it out.

To start your custom order, use the contact form HERE.


Biz planning in the spaces between Moster Mayhem madness

Putting my new journal to work. #BuJo #bulletjournal. #indiedyer

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I’m nearing the end of the Monster Mayhem Kickstarter madness. I love that I’ve had 2 successful Kickstarters. I mean, that is pretty bad ass.

There is just one tiny little problem. It’s not translating into more sales or more fans or more anything. We only get together once a year like two people in some long distance secret love affair.

That relationship isn’t working out for me. I want to see more of you. I’ve been thinking of ways to make that happen.

Kickstarter is wonderful. It helps me do cool yarn things. It helps people feel good about helping me do cool yarn things. When you buy from my shop, you are still helping me do those cool yarn things and Kickstarter doesn’t get to take a slice of my pie.

Kickstarter also helps people find me. Which is super important. Seriously, this site lives in the deepest darkest dungeon of Google search.

What I need is something more like an ongoing Kickstarter. Backing me through Kickstarter is basically placing pre-orders for yarn. I can understand some people being leery of doing that if they don’t have experience with a business. Kickstarter has some accountability stuff in place.

I also have some other things I want to do. I want to get more patterns written, be able to pay a Tech Editor, get better product pics and a nicer easier site to shop from.

All these things take money.

I’m also not interested in growing a large dyeing business. There is only so much yarn I can dye. I need other streams of income to help fill in the gaps.

I’d like to do yarn clubs. These would have limited spaces available. I’ve been trying to sort out the details, so I can be sure that I’m offering something awesome and that won’t kick my ass.

One of the solutions is Patreon. Patreon is a site where artists/makers/creator can share their work with people interested in supporting them.  Unlike Kickstarter, Patreon is ongoing for as long as the creator needs support.

If I did this, you’d get:

Peek behind the scenes

First dibs on Patterns

Exclusive yarn discounts

Monthly Q&A/ Pattern support

Chances to vote on new colors & color names

How-Tos & Tutorials

If I did this, I’d get:

A chance to connect with you

A more reliable income

Opportunities to do more awesome yarn things


Does that sound cool?

I could spend forever planning and trying to make it perfect and try to cover ever possible thing, but then I’d never get started. This biz was launched with a Why the fuck not? attitude.  It’s an attitude I’m thinking of sticking with.  I’ll be setting up a Patreon page and I hope to see you there.

Get your first look at the colorways coming from the Monster Mayhem Kickstarter

creature peek

Creature colorway is inspired by The Creature from the Black Lagoon. It has several shades of green and a splash of blue. I’m sure this color is the perfect camouflage for anything lurking beneath the surface of the water.


wolfsbane peek

Wolfsbane colorway is inspired by the Wolfsbane flower. This yarn is a safe way for werewolves to enjoy the beautiful colors of the flower.

This week I’ll be dyeing up some more yarn and working on the patterns for the Kickstarter backers. Once all the Kickstarter orders are filled these colors and patterns will be available for everyone else.

I’m really looking forward to working with this yarn.

The Kickstarter yarn is here!


It’s soft. It’s squiggly. It looks like packs of ramen noodles. It’s utterly fantastic.

Now I need to turn my kitchen in yarn dyeing central and finish planning out the colorways and designing the patterns. I have a shit ton of work to do.

Plus I’ll be going on an unplanned mini vacation for my 21st wedding anniversary. So that is going to take a small bite out of my dyeing time. Kickstarter rewards should still start shipping in September though.

I’ve also used part of the Kickstarter money to invest in some classes/workshops geared toward yarn/fiber businesses. They should help me learn to rock my little biz.

Next I’ll be saving up for a DSLR camera. This will help with yarn pics and creating videos for you guys.

I can’t tell you how fucking cool it is to be able to do this work.