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Midnight Blue Triangle Scarf/Shawlette

Only one in stock!

Blue Moon on Worsted

Only 1 skein in stock, but this colorway can be custom ordered in larger amounts.

I’m always done with baby afghans about halfway before I’m done with baby afghans.

I’m currently working on baby afghan.

It seems to be going on forever, but that is my own fault for choosing to make it in sport weight yarn.

For speed and ease, I’m making one big rectangle.

Normally I avoid stripes or anything that requires a lot of cutting the yarn & color changes, because I despise dealing with yarn ends (I’m considering getting my daughter to weave ends for me), but this blanket does look awesome.

I’m using Knit Picks Brava sport in white, clarity, sky, denim and solstice heather¬†(2 skeins of each color). I chose this yarn because it’s cheap. I know that is a horrible reason to choose a yarn, but I don’t know how well this blanket will be cared for.

After working with my hand dyed yarn for so long making something with acrylic yarn is weird. I’ve used Brava for several projects and haven’t had many problems with it. It’s soft enough that it doesn’t make my skin hurt. Bonus. It does seem to slit easy.

I’ve been working on it daily for about a week. It feels like months. Yesterday, I crocheted an entire round in the wrong color and had to rip it out.

I’m almost done and there is something so wonderful about the end of a project being in sight. My brain is screaming about the list of other things I need to be doing. While there is no hard deadline for this blanket, I feel rushed to get it done.

A bit hurriedness is creeping into what should be calm and relaxing, because I’m not getting paid to make this and I have ‘work’ to be doing. Everytime my todo List rears it’s head, I focus harder on the stitches, feel the hook slip in and out of the yarn and let the rhythm of creating each stitch wash over me.

The blanket will get done. I have time. The things on my todo list will get done. I have time. I keep thinking about how a new little baby is going to be warm and snuggled. I smile and keep crocheting.



No enough knitting going on

Gallatin Scarf WIP

I have been taking the time to work in some knitting. It has seriously been keeping me sane this month. July is always crazy busy for us and totally makes me lose my mind.

Basically I’m Bobby on repeat…

giphy (1)

Thank the gods for knitting!

In an attempt to improve my knitting skills and give you guys some more ideas of what to make with my hand dyed yarn, I’m knitting something I’ve never knit before. Even though you can’t really tell in the pic, this scarf/shawlette has a little bit of lace to it.

The patter is called Gallatin Scarf. It is free and you can find it here.

It is fairly easy to work up, but I’ve had to make a slight adjustment to the directions, just so they make sense to me.

The pattern has you cast on 4 new stitches at the beginning of each row. This made no sense to me. Maybe it was my cast on method. I don’t know. So I’ve been casting on at the end of each row and then turning, knitting across the 4 new stitches and on with the rest of the directions for the row. This hasn’t messed up the stitch count and from what I can tell by the pattern pics, mine looks the same.



I’m knitting using colorway Planet Midnight on 100% Merino SW worsted weight. I do like the way it is working up. I don’t wear shawls or scarves or neck touching things, so if no one claims it, it will be in the shop. I think it is going to come out really well.

New colorway! Sally Sparrow’s Lement! Plus a Kickstarter launch!!!!!!!!


Just picture Sally Sparrow, her companion and the TARDIS being surrounded by Weeping Angels.  Gives me the chills.

This yarn is a combo of TARDIS inspired blue, creepy Weeping Angel-ish gray, mossy green and touches of time travel. (Ok, it’s really mahogany. )

It’s fucking hot right? Sadly this skein is already off to a new home, but you can custom order it! Click Here.


Yes, I did say Kickstarter launch.

“But Delisa, you just did that shit.” You say.

I did last year. Seriously can you believe it’s be an entire fucking year? I can’t.

This Kickstarter is different than the last one. I swear.

I’m only asking for $500. I’m going to use the money to add a new yarn line to the shop.

Super Bulky Yarn!

I love working with thicker yarns. They whip up so fast and squishy.

I know many people love working with sock weight yarn and making socks and shawls and shit, but that isn’t really my bag.

You can read all about the Kickstarter by clicking here.

I’d totally love it if you would share it all over all your things. Just spread it everywhere.