Granny square baby blankets are for lazy Aunts who wait until 3 days before the baby shower to start making shit.

All done! #crochet #babyblanket

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I spend the last few days crocheting like a mad woman to get a baby blanket done for my niece. I’m such an ass to myself, I always wait until the last minute to complete gifts. Then I spend the entire time wondering why I didn’t start sooner so I could’ve made something fancier. lol

This baby blanket is one big granny rectangle. I used Knit Pick Brava sport in Tranquil colorway. This pic doesn’t show the color well. The color is more of a medium minty green. I don’t know what it is with my phone, but colors either come out more blue or more green and weird.

I like the simple granny for speed. They can look really awesome by using yarn you love.

I looked on for a video tutorial, only to discover no one is using the method I do for making Granny Squares rectangle. It looks like I might need to figure out how to make my own video. How do you make tutorials without a video camera?


  1. Aradia says:

    I’ve used my phone (via Periscope) for tutorials before and just video in general. Although video really isn’t my thing and I do in fact have a camera.

    I totally feel you about the last minute schtick…I did the same thing very recently only to viciously kick myself as I delivered things quite egregiously late. *sigh* I think a part of me secretly enjoys the frantic pace of a looming, near overdue deadline. Like some sort of sick creative masochism…

    • Dr. FrankenSkein says:

      I think most of us creatives are masochist on some level.

      I’ve got a few ideas to test out to see if I can whip something up with my phone. Hopefully something will work.

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