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What’s on the needles? Sun Kissed Shawl

Sometimes knitting math and coming up with design ideas can break your brain. I’ve been giving my brain a rest by knitting someone else’s pattern.

I’m working on a Sun Kissed shawl from YOTH Yarns. (Pattern Here.) It starts out fairly simple, carrying the yarn up the side for the stripes. Which I like because I hate cutting yarns.

I don’t normally work on shawls. I don’t wear shawls. At the same time, I’ve had this overwhelming urge to design and knit one anyway. It’s weird.

Not being a shawl person, I was having a hard time wrapping my brain around the math and shit.

I’m really enjoying working on this Sun Kissed shawl. It’s the perfect mix of I can watch TV & I won’t get totally bored.

In other news, I’m getting ready to ship out the yarn for Yarn Coven. Yarn Coven is my yarn club hosted on Patreon. I’m really excited to get these yarns out. They are getting a yarn base that I haven’t offered before. I can’t share anymore about it because spoilers.  You can find Yarn Coven here.

What are you working on?

Testing new yarn bases part 2

I’m so bad for taking so long to post this. To read part 1 click here. 

I’m not doing the Kickstarter this year. It’s way too much pressure & I really want to put my focus into the Patreon. The skeins I did dye of this yarn are available in for sale, but once they are gone, they are gone. At least for this year.

I don’t like how this colorway came out. The colors are far too light and pastel -ish. To me it looks like Easter candy vomit.

Next time I do a sunset inspired colorway, I’ll use different shades & blend things together better.

If you love it, please buy it. lol.

The shawl pictured is a pattern I’ve been working on. I’m not sure if it’s too boring to knit or just the right amount of not needing to pay attention.

I also worked on a sock weight version, but I think I’m going back to the drawing board with it. I’ve been having such a hard time planning what to make and getting designs going. I think it must be the heat turning off my brain.

Testing out the new possible yarns, part 1

Over the long weekend, I dyed up the test skeins I’d ordered from the potential new suppliers.  I’ll be sharing them in the next few posts.

Since I dyed these skeins the same color, I decided to group them into one post.

These colors came out lighter than I wanted, but that’s on me, not the yarn.

On the left is a 4 ply worsted weight 85% Merino 15% Alpaca blend.

It took the color well. It’s pretty soft and squishy.

It does have random long hairs in it from the Alpaca.

Which is something I’ve noticed on other Alpaca yarns.  This yarn is hand wash only.

On the right is a 100% Merino SW.

Now if you look closely at the pic, you’ll notice that this yarn is thinner than the other, even though they are both labeled worsted.

It has a tighter twist & looks more like a sport weight to me. Swatching for gauge would be very important with this yarn. It took the color well. It did come out slightly lighter than the other skein. It is soft.

This colorway isn’t one I’d normally dye. I wanted darker deeper color. I may try this again after some tweaking.

May Instagram Wrap-up

We’ve made it to the end of May.

This year seems to be zooming by and I know the pace will pick up as summer sets in.

This month I got some knitting and crocheting done. Some yarn dyed. It doesn’t seem like much, but progress was made.

The Yarn Coven on Patreon is now up to $136! This is so awesome. I’m so thankful for each and every person that supports this little yarn biz in whatever way they can.

Coming in June:

Kickstarter announcement!? I’m still waiting from one possible supplier about my wholesale application. If I don’t hear from them, I can still go forward with the Kickstarter the goal amount will just be larger.  Stay tuned for pics of the test skeins I ordered!

I have a shawl pattern that I’m working on. It uses sock/fingering weight yarn. I’m hoping to have in done in June, but it really depends on how much knitting time I get in.

I’ll be posting a free pattern for a knit ‘ear hat’ that uses one skein of my Beastly (super bulky) yarn. It’s super simple and works up really fast.

What do you have planned to start off your summer knitting & crocheting?

Charybdis Beanie pattern has been conjured in Yarn Coven

The Charybdis Beanie pattern is now available to Yarn Coven members. Yesss!

If you are not in Yarn Coven you’ll have to wait a little while more.

Yarn Coven is hosted on Patreon. I chose Patreon because it makes it easy for people to choose what they want to get from me & is really flexable.

Tomorrow is the last day to get in on the next (really the first ever) round of yarn for the Yarn Coven.  The next round of yarn won’t be until August.

The yarn schedule for this round is June (billing)/July (dyeing)/August (shipping). Chances are that I will be able to ship yarn before August. I just like having the time to deal with any unexpected wonk.

I’ve got some ideas on how to keep making Yarn Coven better. I really want to build something that helps people bring more magick & badass-ness into their lives.

You can check out Yarn Coven by clicking here.