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I spend the last few days crocheting like a mad woman to get a baby blanket done for my niece. I’m such an ass to myself, I always wait until the last minute to complete gifts. Then I spend the entire time wondering why I didn’t start sooner so I could’ve made something fancier. lol

This baby blanket is one big granny rectangle. I used Knit Pick Brava sport in Tranquil colorway. This pic doesn’t show the color well. The color is more of a medium minty green. I don’t know what it is with my phone, but colors either come out more blue or more green and weird.

I like the simple granny for speed. They can look really awesome by using yarn you love.

I looked on for a video tutorial, only to discover no one is using the method I do for making Granny Squares rectangle. It looks like I might need to figure out how to make my own video. How do you make tutorials without a video camera?

2 Thoughts to “Granny square baby blankets are for lazy Aunts who wait until 3 days before the baby shower to start making shit.”

  1. I’ve used my phone (via Periscope) for tutorials before and just video in general. Although video really isn’t my thing and I do in fact have a camera.

    I totally feel you about the last minute schtick…I did the same thing very recently only to viciously kick myself as I delivered things quite egregiously late. *sigh* I think a part of me secretly enjoys the frantic pace of a looming, near overdue deadline. Like some sort of sick creative masochism…

    1. I think most of us creatives are masochist on some level.

      I’ve got a few ideas to test out to see if I can whip something up with my phone. Hopefully something will work.

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